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9 Tháng mười một 2022
As children get older, they tend to be more independent, especially as they enter adolescence, when their interests shift from parents to friends. At that time, parents are no longer the center of a child's life. How not to skip the golden period to bond faith and love with your child?


Parents are the foundation for children's development

In her book "Totally Cruel, Extremely Loving," author Sara Imas draws conclusions from a study of child development in relationships with parents. Accordingly, if parents do not spend enough time with their children before the age of 6, then in the next 6 years, parents will find it difficult to establish trust in their children, inadvertently creating a gap between parents and children. and very hard to get close to. By the age of 12, if children cannot build close relationships with their parents, then the next time in life, children will feel unsafe and find it difficult to find happiness in relationships. adulthood.

Sharing the same opinion, Robin Sharma - one of the great writers and author of many books on leadership in business also believes that a child's childhood takes place only in one period. When that door closes, they are permanently closed. This is also a warning for parents who are too busy with work and life to forget the important little friend right next to them.

Currently, with insufficient material conditions, each child is able to absorb nutrients from food, milk, education, and technology. The cognitive level as well as the age of puberty of children are showing signs of faster development. Currently, puberty in children is happening 2-3 years earlier for girls and 1-2 years for boys. Early puberty in children, in addition to direct effects in daily life, also leads to many emotional and psychosocial consequences. Many children also have "older" thoughts than their age.

In addition, early exposure to technology such as television and smartphones too much makes children withdraw themselves, have no need to talk to people around and refuse to exercise. This leads to consequences such as autism, delayed speech, obesity, or exposure to violent behavior. For older children, information on the Internet from phones or computers also causes children to follow, influence, or be bullied. Roll.

In fact, on many parenting forums, parents often "complain" to each other about not having enough time with their children. Confessions from parents such as "recently I have to give up some hobbies to spend time with the kids because they grow up so fast" sounds familiar, right? Indeed, without expert advice, today's parents have realized the importance of accompanying their children during the "golden period".

When the love for their children is big enough, parents will understand that children not only need to be cared for materially, what to eat, what school to attend... but also need parents to accompany them on their journey to adulthood. . To grow up with their children, parents have to make choices and trade-offs to spend more quality time with their children.

Accordingly, parents can accompany their children in subjects, and learn about new knowledge and trends to better understand their children's interests. In the age of technology, entertaining children with TV or phones is inevitable, especially when parents are too busy. However, to avoid negative consequences from the content of programs on Youtube or social networks, parents can preview these programs to make sure they have content appropriate for their child's age. . Parents can also watch with their children, and discuss what their children are watching.

In addition, you should also regularly talk about the problems your child is facing, listen, share and put yourself in his shoes to understand his point of view. Give your children the habit of actively talking and sharing the problems they are having, from very ordinary problems such as food, clothes, colors or the items they like to receive on their birthdays... to There are relatively secret issues for "crushing" another child's story every day at school... to create a habit of closeness with parents.

Parents, please arrange a time to be with your child in special events such as the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony, or the day the child attends an extracurricular competition...; You can organize movie sessions together, exercise together, travel, picnic, experience to bond more with your child. The activities of cooking, doing housework, and doing homework together... not only help the work to be solved faster, but also create memorable moments, becoming memories in your child's childhood memories.

You see, when the love is big enough, we will see our children grow up quickly and will have a way to spend more time with them. In addition, from the point of view of many modern parents, buying life insurance for their children is also one of the most practical actions they have chosen to take.

For children, parents are the pillar supporting the family home, a reliable companion to accompany their children to explore the journey of adulthood. On the contrary, when a parent's love for their child is big enough, all obstacles on the journey with their children to adulthood become small. Take action from today to let your child understand that to their parents is the most precious thing.

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